Brian Christopher Slots Net Worth

Brian Christopher aka BC Slots is a Canadian YouTuber who live streams slot machines in casinos and post content of some of the best casinos in the United States. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Brian Christopher Income and Revenue Sources

Let’s have a look at the breakdown of his revenue sources AdSense. Brian Christopher currently has 450k subscribers and 292 million views on youtube in average he gets around 150k views per day. According to stats, the average cost per mile (CPM) for YouTubers in the US ranges from $6-8 additionally the average CPM for youtube channels in the video games niche is one dollar.

We came to the conclusion that he makes an average of $2000 per day through Adsense however youtube takes 45% of brian’s earnings which leaves him with $1100 a day this translates to $33,000 a month or $396,000 annually. Brand endorsements, the plaza hotel, and casino open the gaming section called the Brian Christopher slots which has all of brian’s favorite slot machines

Brian Christopher also sells merchandise such as t shirts, wristbands, and his course on “how to use BC slots” at an average price of twenty dollars. we estimated the number of people who visit the site purposely for his merchandise by taking 1% of his daily youtube views which translates to 3100 visitors daily out of these daily visitors we assume that ten percent make a purchase which comes to 267 visitors and that translates to $5300 in sales per day we also assume that he makes a profit of about 20% for merchandise sales which brings his income to 1000 a day for $29.6k a month or $359,000 a year. After adding all his revenue streams we found that brian takes home $930,000 annually (before taxes and expenses).

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